Collage Kids is a picture of our friends’ divine children put together in photoshop by our wonderful Web Designer Steve Akash. May we all become as fresh and alive as these Heavenly Beings of Light. “The Lilies of the Field Toil Not, Neither Do They Spin.” May we realize life is to be without effort, combined with the play of youth, culminating in the Alive Joy of Eternal Freedom.


Shareall's Living to Live beaded Butterfly Bag...

This creation was inspired by the colors, shapes, energy and intention that is Living to Live.
Steve Akash, its creator says, "There are times when many pieces come together to create a harmonious whole, a being unto itself. It's especially gratifying when a living creation can grow out of seemingly inanimate objects."
"Beading, like life, can be a sacred art. Both can only fully reveal themselves if taken one bead at a time."

36 String Harp made by Hugh Jones in Sydney Australia. It is made of australian wood and has a most beautiful deep resonating rich tone. It’s rich voice fills a room and all who hear her rave at the beauty of the sound. Hugh Jones is an incredible Harp maker!
I have named this beautiful harp
Nansela which means the Love and Grace of God.

22 String Harp made by Robert Neil. It is an exquisite little harp with a voice of absolute lovliness. It is a design that is unusual as it uses guitar style tuning machines instead of tuning pegs. I have named her Channon. (The Channon Market is in the hinterland near Byron Bay Australia in a magical glen.)
Robert is in the picture with his partner Isa (a lovely singer/musician) and they live in New South Wales Australia.

Small harp is made by William Rees. It is a 23 string harp made of Cherry Wood with a beautiful celtic carving with a butterfly. It has a lovely gold plaque which says LIVING TO LIVE FOREVER SHAREALL & WILL I AM. It has a beautiful tone and is a joy to play and for anyone to behold. I call her ETERNITY.

Medium Harp is made by Dusty Strings. It is a lovely maple harp with 29 strings and has a bright voice. It is so amazing as it always stays in tune. It is a beautiful harp and I have named him “WILL I AM”
Large Harp is also made by Dusty Strings. It is almost like truly having an upright piano with a rich deep voice. It is made from beautiful African Rose Wood called Bubinga. She has 36 strings and is a joy to play and to hear. She is named LOVENESS after a beautiful girl in Africa.

This beautiful Little Guitar is made by Martinez. I got it in a music store in Australia for about $80. I left the price tag on as it really is a reminder to me of how something can bring such pleasure, for such a reasonable price. In starting to learn guitar chords it gave me such an appreciation for all guitar players who have practised so long, to share with us, their wonderful music. It is my first guitar, and is so much fun. With her beautiful bright color and mandala pattern I call her Martinez Mandala.

36 String Large Scroll Harp is made by Philip Boulding of Magical Strings. It is made of beautiful Hawaiin Koa Wood and has a beautiful diamond inlay to signify the Diamond Body (that which lasts forever). Philip is an incredible being and music master.


We love Music, Art, Dancing, Hiking, Nature, Swimming, Surfing, Scuba, Flying, Motorcycling, RollerBlading and all activities which are fun and joyful. This planet is truly a ‘garden of eden’ with so much beauty. May you all have happy days, doing what you love to do, each and every day, forever.


This was taken from a Denver Post Paper in 2001 in the People Section.

“I don’t care if they’re flushed down the toilet when I die.” Woody Allen said of his 34 movies at the New Yorker Festival in Manhattan. “I don’t want to achieve immortality through my work. I want to achieve immortality through not dying. I don’t want to live on in the hearts and minds of my countrymen. I would rather live on in my apartment.”

Favorite Places...

SEDONA ARIZONA is a place of absolute magical beauty. For me it is a constant source of Inspiration, Healing and as close to Heaven as one might get on earth. Wherever we may travel this will always be a place of true Home. I love Sedona with all my heart and soul and feel blessed to live here part time.

AUSTRALIA is a land of vast beauty. It is like going back in time to a more peaceful era and yet totally modern in every way. The miles of coastline with pristine beaches, the variety of plant and animal life and the friendly charm of her people are amazing. We forever hold this continent in our hearts.

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