SONICS is sound. Sound is vibration. What we say to ourselves (our cells) audibly (speaking) and inaudibly (internal dialogue) is that which will uplift and regenerate us, or degrade, deteriorate and break us down. We all know that certain sounds are hurtful to the ears, and others are very pleasing. At the moment a sound occurs it is readily recognizable and has an immediate effect. What we may not easily remember is that over long periods of time there is a cumulative effect. By saying certain words such as ‘age’, ‘old’, ‘sick’, or ‘die’, imagine what the long term result will be.
So many people are doing everything on the physical level to stay young. They are eating more healthy (life giving) foods, exercising more and embracing positive thinking and feeling. At the same time however, they are saying verbally to themselves (their cells) and to others that they are getting older. We do not realize the power of our sonics (ie words) and the effect over time. Rather than the words ‘age’ or ‘old’, we might say “we are revolving around the sun.” Rather than the word ‘sick’ we might say “we are going through a cleansing process.” Rather than the word ‘die’ we might let that word go entirely and realize that in this time called NOW, THERE IS ONLY LIFE. We have a much better chance of overcoming death if we affirm LIFE.
Some may say by not acknowledging death we are kidding ourselves. I say we are kidding ourselves and our cells right into the grave by affirming death as real. The only way to change anything is to start to affirm the new with feeling. it may feel like a form of pretending, however I would rather pretend life over death. If we examine death, it is a change of state from the visible to the invisible range. Many people see death as that change which will bring them to better, higher worlds. Wouldn’t it be rather nice to make this change without going through the process of decay. The invisible range is here right now so we don’t have to die to get there. WE LIVE BY OUR WORDS AND WE DIE BY OUR WORDS. IT IS UP TO US. Bless you all for your choice.

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